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Medieval Knight

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Medieval KnightA unique gift or personal possession to commemorate your ancestral heritage by displaying your Clan Chief's Arms on a Medieval Knight. Approximately 12 inches tall (30cm) including base; resin cast from an original commissioned sculpture.

Each knight is individually cast by skilled craftsmen and hand painted in superb detail by talented artists. Authentic in every aspect, the knight recaptures the medieval period in the history of your Clan.

Free standing on a recessed veneered mahogany base, the knight's angle of display can be adjusted to suit your personal preference. Simultaneously enabling the plaque, bearing the relevant surname (either your chief's or, if the arms are your own, yours) related to the coat of arms, to always face the observer.

To further enhance the figure, the knight's surcoat is painted in a quartered pattern to compliment the main tinctures & metals (livery colours) featured on the coat of arms. The Arms on the Shield are produced using an image transfer process, which, we have perfected for our figures. Using this technique allows us to quote a fixed price for a figure, irrespective the complexity of the shield arms as we can reproduce it exactly.

The main body of the knight, including the armour and base, are still entirely hand painted. The image transfer technique is a popular process among craft and pottery companies and is used by many famous brand names to decorate their pieces.

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