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Irish History

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This page is the starting point to guide you through Irish History. From 3000BC and early Irish Culture to 1922, the Easter Rising and the emergence of Ireland as a Republic. We also cover some key events and phenomena in Irish History such as The Famine, large scale emigration and Workhouses.

Finally we try and provide an insight into the types of lives led by Irish people from three sections of Society in the 1800's.



This page is meant to provide an extremely fast tour of a time line stretching from early civilization to 1922. The first few thousands years are covered in only a small level of detail, concentrating more on the last 300 years for their genealogical significance, and trying to give an overall impression of society for your ancestors of that time.


The failure of a potato crop in the 1840's and how it led to the death of a million and the emigration of a million more


The fate of many to be sent around the world for crimes committed.


Their place in Irish Society.


A day in the life of a Landlord, tenant farmer and labourer living in Ireland in the 1800's

Emigration Ships

In Famine times alone 1 million Irish people left Ireland. Records can detail an entire family, father's occupation and at times even the County from which they departed.



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