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Please feel free to e-mail us here at Your Irish Roots with questions or feedback on this site. Please note that at the present time we no longer carry out research for Ancestor Reports. We've compiled a comprehensive e-book showing people - in step-by-step detail - how they can trace their Irish roots. Click here for more detail. 

Our Logo is inspired by the massive entrance stone to Newgrange. A 3000 year old Tomb and Calendar from Celtic times. Though we can't be sure, the single spiral is thought to represent the Sun.  And the double spiral; one clockwise, the other anti-clockwise, may represent the equinox. It is on the Winter equinox that the Sun's rays shine down along a 19 metre narrow passage into a Central chamber of the mound at Newgrange lighting the interior for only this single day of the entire year. An amazing feat for a construction even older than the Pyramids of Egypt.

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