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This site provides a wealth of information on all aspects of tracing your Irish Genealogy, History, Irish Surnames, Irish Coat of arms and the sort of life your Irish roots might have led in Ireland.

The aim of our eBook, Tracing Your Irish Roots - A Complete Guide, is to provide comprehensive resource material for anyone wishing to trace their Irish ancestors. For details click here.

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We show you how to trace your roots in step-by-step detail.


Coat of Arms

High quality Irish surnames histories and Coat of Arms Scrolls are now available to order online. [view more]

Irish Genealogy CD

We also offer an Irish Genealogy CD full of useful resources to aid in your research. [view more]

Sculptured Crafts - Medieval Figures

A unique gift or personal possession to commemorate your ancestral heritage by displaying your Clan Chief's Arms on a Medieval Knight. Armigers may wish to have their own personal Coat of Arms displayed on the knight with the surcoat painted in their own livery colours. [view more]

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At some point in everyone's life they consider "Who am I? Where did I come from?"

An urge to find your ancestors who inevitably brought you to this place that you now call home. Over 50 million people in the world believe they are of Irish descent. Some struggled to escape Ireland on ships in the famine, others keen to explore brave new worlds.

Are you one of these people? If so this site can help you trace those roots in Ireland.......


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